To mod or not to mod...

FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,783
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So I recently obtained a pair of series II M4.6 and stumbled upon an XO set for SDSs. All the pics I've found show that they were basically M4 variants with some extra XO components. Now, knowing that the SDS are fairly rare, but the 4s aren't, I thought to myself "why not make my own?"

So I'm putting this out to the crowd: mod the 4.6, get a different M4 to mod, or leave it all be and hunt for real SDSs

To mod or not to mod... 10 votes

Mod the 4.6
20% 2 votes
Find another pair to mod
10% 1 vote
Wait for the real McCoy
70% 7 votes


  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 3,290
    Sell all of your little speakers and get a pair of 1.2TL's or 2.3TL's.
  • xschopxschop Posts: 869
    What are SDS? If you mean SDAs, then edit quickly before F1 notices lol.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,783
    xschop wrote: »
    What are SDS? If you mean SDAs, then edit quickly before F1 notices lol.

    SDS are surround speakers designed to work like SDAs in a smaller form factor.

    @Viking64 if I sold every pair I currently own, I still couldn't afford any of the bigger SRS (3.1-1.2) speakers. I may own alot but I haven't spent alot.
  • TennManTennMan Posts: 994
    I like to experiment and this sounds like it might be a good one. Here is an old related post that is interesting.
    SDA 2BTL · Sonicaps · Mills resistors · RDO-198s · New gaskets · H-nuts · Erse inductors · BH5 · Dynamat · Crossover upgrades by westmassguy
    Marantz 1504 AVR (front speaker pre-outs to Adcom 555)
    Adcom GFA-555 amp · Upgrades & speaker protection added by OldmanSRS
    Pioneer DV-610AV DVD/CD player
    SDA CRS+ · Hidden away in the closet
  • xschopxschop Posts: 869
    Ah ok. I gave a set of those to my wife's uncle. Hes running them in bypass but on a surround receiver. He's actively looking for a set of 10Bs to SDA.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,783
    There's a mess of 10s in my general area... Not sure if that helps.
  • pkquatpkquat Posts: 595
    @FestYboy There are a pair of late model SDS-400 on ebay right now.

    @TennMan Interesting link. I never knew the SDS existed with the triforce tweeter. Its also strange they are in a M4A box vs the 4.5/5jr size box.

    IMO I like the trifore tweeter better than the SL1500, but I have not heard 4.5's, and I am not sure how much the 4.6 box and port change the sound, plus old components could have played a factor.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,783
    @pkquat I've been keeping an eye on those, but not looking to spend that much (yet). I'd rather try to get a pair "locally" so they can be inspected before purchasing.

    Here's another thought, I have a beat up pair of 5s... Basically bought them to strip for spares... I wonder if those would be more appropriate to mod with the XO I have vs another pair of 4s?
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