LSiM Set-Up, Super Excited!!!!!

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So a few months ago I jumped on the 50% of Friends n Family sale for a set of 707's, and now I have the center and surrounds that will be here Wednesday, I am Super Excited to pull my RTiA9 surround set-up out, and give these all a spin..

I love the RTiA line but there are times I sit in the basement and listen to tunes especially if I am on the computer, so I am hoping for positive results for both movies and music. IMO I think the RTiA line will be hard to beat for movies but we will see. I won't unload my RTiA line till I know I'm happy with the results..

Either way this will be fun!!! B)


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    Cool man, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The top end in the LSIM's will be way better for your music and you won't give up much in the way of dynamics for HT. Let us know your thoughts after you scrape your sack off the back wall. :p
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    Had the RTI A5's/CSI A4 for my front 3, and replaced them with LSI M704/LSI M706c. I think the RTI A's were slightly better at vocals for movies, but a little lacking with the rest of the front sound stage.

    When it comes to music, I only listen in 2-channel, no contest. You have to hear them to appreciate how much better of a speaker they are.
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,867
    I have had my 707's in my 2 channel system, and I liked them very much but still no contest with my SDA's..

    Your description about the RTiA line is how I envision I will feel about the comparison but I feel I will have a much all around system for when I am in the basement and want to listen to music down here as well. Everyone knows my 2 channel system is my baby but I don't need to listen to my music all the time in an audiophile world..
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,867
    The 702's showed up, FedEx was nice to handle them with care (enter sarcasm here) one of the boxes is a mess, one end was open, I'm surprised they stayed in the box, I pulled them out and gave them a look over (they are pretty heavy for surrounds) they look good, I will put power to them to make sure they work when I get home..
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    I swear if they see the word "Fragile" or the Insurance sticker on it, they take it as a challenge lol...
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    I swear if they see the word "Fragile" or the Insurance sticker on it, they take it as a challenge lol...

    Yes! (Get it?)


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    I'm curious about your impressions well. When I was messing with some S20s, I thought they were a touch better than LSiMs for tv. I remember also liking some RTi10s for tv, but not for music. It was so early on in my involvement that I can't say how they compared. I use LSiMs in a combo use system and have no complaints, and It's nice to be able to switch modes and not have to go into ear-bleed prep.
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    Today I was able to finally play with the LSiM set-up, and so far I am very happy, whether it's music or movies these play very well, I feel a more lower end out of the front end of my rig, even the 702's have more sing and depth to them, I hear more coming around me with them..

    With the 707's, and 706C on the front end it's almost like having another sub coming at you, that's how much more lower end these have, in a good way, it's fantastic..

    Polk is working with me on the damage from shipping on one set of the 702's, I will update what they come up with, I'm sure it will turn out positive, the damage is cosmetic they function just fine..
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    That's great Larry, sounds like a solid move. So, as I understand it, you'd still been running the RTiA set and had only tested the LSiMs you had? If this is the case, and you're enjoying the LSiMs so much now, just wait till you get them broken in and burned in. I noted in another LSiM thread that I remember having a profound realization several months into ownership at just how good they were sounding. Smooth, capable, full and unrestrained. "Well oiled", in a way.
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