Dayton Spikes...


There is 5 full sets and one partial set, they are missing the M6 threaded studs.. you can pick them up from McMaster Carr, maybe a hardware store..

$75 shipped for the lot...
Death Grip...


  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,306
    Ok, $60 shipped for the lot.. B)
    Death Grip...
  • TNTsTunesTNTsTunes Posts: 438
    Add them to my list. ;)
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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 714
    That's a heck of a deal!!
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,306
    Death Grip...
  • Tony MTony M Posts: 3,281
    edited November 13
    great price again !
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