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Listening to a digital track from a familiar live jam band who I know where each musician is on stage I can isolate their position and is prevalent on solos. Today I switched out an amp using the same speaker and rca cables. For some reason it sounds if the keyboardist has moved to the other side of the stage. What could cause this? I am sure it must be something I did?
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  • Yep, cable was it. Feeling behind my gear I logically connected and followed my cables but the P5 bypass R was on the left..
    Parasound P5, Parasound A23, Yamaha Aventage RX-A 1060, Yamaha BD-S681, Polk S60, S35, Samsung 60" LED
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    Happens to all of us sooner or later.
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    Yeah, I didn't like that about the P5
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    That is why I like a balance knob on my receiver......... I was looking at one preamp and they mentioned it didn't have one. Quit thinking about it immediately.

    You will be surprised of the number of speaker problems you can diagnose with the balance, treble, and base knobs.

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