Polk S60 Sigs and a 300 wrms amp a bad idea?

Hi guys Quick bit about me. I'm a wizard with car audio. ( I have an FI SP4 18" V2 3500 wrms sub being pushed with a 5800 wrms amplifer at 1ohm in a vented box tuned to 27hz and it takes it all day. Every day..no clipping. No distortion. But those subs are meant for that type abuse.
I know I can over power car audio speakers. And how to keep my music clip free.. I know next to nothing about home theater.

I have a 4k QLED TV.
My goal.one day. Dolby atmos system.
I recently purchased a pair of Polk S60 towers for 8 bills Canadian. They arrive in a week.

(I have an old kenwood amp, like early 90s Model.number v309 maybe? its a 5.1 that states 100 watts@8ohms per channel (not sure if that's peak or continuous/rms.) I would like to hook my S60's up to this amp so I don't have to spend over a grand immediately on an Emotiva but I'm scared to use this amp in the meantime on my S60's. Not sure if it would damage them..not sure what kind of clean power and true rms old kenwood produce.

I watch alot alot of 4k movies. My HT system is going to be a stereo setup for now. And Dolby atmos later.
I listen to alot of electronic jungle/drum and bass/trap/uk grime etc... 99% of my music files are 320kbps or .flac quality files..my setup is downstairs in my basement and shares the space with my.gym. I listen to music loud

I'm about to order an Emotiva XPA2 - Gen3 to power the S60s. Emotiva states a XPA 2 pushes 300watts rms @8ohms per channel on their 2 channel amp.

Polk S60 says 20-300 watts @8ohms per speaker per channel
(Does that mean 300 peak or 300 rms)

I read this in the Polk instruction manual for the S60 and it just confused the living hell out of me.......,....,............

Polk Audio specifies the recommended amplification range for
each of its passive (non-amplified) loudspeakers. Typically that
specification will be expressed as a range of power such as
20-200 Watts (per channel). It is important to understand what
those numbers mean when choosing a receiver or amplifier for
your Polk loudspeakers. The lower number indicates the lowest
continuous rated power that will yield acceptable performance in
a typical listening environment. The higher number indicates the
highest per channel power that should be used with your Polk
speakers. That number should not be confused with a “Power
Handling” specification, and it does not imply that the speaker will
safely handle that full amount of power on a long-term basis. We
specify a wide range of power ratings because not all electronics
manufacturers use the same method for rating power. In fact, high
quality lower-rated amplifiers sound better and play louder than low
quality units with higher power rating.
Similarly, we recommend using amplifiers and receivers with rated
power above the Power Handling limits of our speakers because
having extra power available for short term peaks is conducive to
better sound quality, maximum dynamic range and effortless high
volume output. But we strongly urge you not to use the full power
of your amplifier or receiver for daily listening.
Loudspeakers can be damaged when an amplifier, regardless of
its wattage, is made to play at higher listening levels than its power
can clearly produce. Operation at this level can result in very high
levels of audible distortion originating in the amplifier, which can
add a harsh, gritty sound to your listening material. Simply put,
avoid excessive amplifier volume. If you hear distortion—turn the
volume down or risk damaging your speakers. You can damage
just about any speaker, regardless of power rating, if you drive an
amplifier to or beyond the point of distortion. And always make}
sure the amplifier is turned off when you’re connecting or
disconnecting cables.,.........................

So do these speakers Excel when hooked up to 300 watts rms with cleaner power like an Emotiva amp or am I going to damage them. Polk has left this way to vage and open for beginners. They say don't under power them but don't under power them or they'll.sound like ****.

Any and all help id appreciated.
-Samsung 65" Q7F Qled
-Marantz 9.2 Channel SR6011
-Polk S60 Towers


  • DSkipDSkip Posts: 13,752
    Where is local? I'll try to find some better options for you.

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  • Local is grande prairie Alberta for me skip.
    An Emotiva xpa 2 gen 3 shipped to my door all said and done from summit hi-fi is 1300.00 Canadian. And I heard Emotiva while not as good as parasound.and blah blah blah do have awsome bang for the buck. Why I was leaning towards that.
    However I'm always open to suggestions. After spending cash on the qled and the 60s Id PREFER not to go above 1300 at this point and time SINCE it would be going on my credit card.
    -Samsung 65" Q7F Qled
    -Marantz 9.2 Channel SR6011
    -Polk S60 Towers
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