4 Speakers from Polk A1

I recently purchased a Polk A1 amp with the intent to drive 2 pairs of in-ceiling Klipsch R-1800 speakers, which are rated at 8 ohms. Should I have any concern about trying to drive these? Also, can I just connect 2 speakers to each speaker pair post, or should I wire in a different way?


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    I believe the A1 powers one set of speakers. To power 2 sets you'd need another amp.
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  • if they are 4 ohms each speaker -- you can hook them up in series

    even 8 ohms but in series it will change 8 ohms into 16 ohms..

    how you do this is use 2 speakers for right channel take a from amp, the positive to 1 of the speakers positive post and the negative to the other speakers negative post.. then hook up the 2 post on the speakers that are not used to each other.. use a ohms tester to see what the load is..

    if they are 8 ohms you can hook them up paralleled if the amp is stable to lower ohms like 2 ohms (not recommended) if the amp only goes low as 4 ohms!!!! if they are 16 ohms then this be ok..
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