RTA-15TL Help

Looking for opinions and value for these.

How do these compare to SDAs?



  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 1,120
    Value depends on region...

    As for comparison to SDAs, I'd say they present differently since there is no crosstalk cancellation, but the stage will be clean and tight, thought not as wide or deep. The 15s need ROOM... And plenty of space off the back wall.

    This is based on what I've heard from my SDAs and my 11ts.
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 38,528
    They do not compare.
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  • KLapinasKLapinas Posts: 515
    Thank you all for your responses. Obviously these are not as cherished as the SDA family but are they a good speaker?
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 8,341
    Yes they are a very nice speaker
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 1,120
    I'm still after a pair if that says anything... :#
  • sgmsmgsgmsmg Posts: 233
    FestYboy wrote: »
    I'm still after a pair if that says anything... :#

    Here you go:


    I see these on CL all the time
    2 Channel
    Pre:Parasound JC2BP
    Amp:Parasound A21
    Speakers: Golden Ear Triton Ones
    Source: Oppo 103D, Mac Mini, Bryston BDA-3
    Cables: AQ Castlerock Speaker, AQ Columbia XLR/RCA, AQ Diamond USB
    Power: PS Audio P10 Regenerator, AC12, AC10 and AC5 Cables
    Display: Panasonic TC-P65ZT60

    Home Theater
    Reciever: Pioneer Elite SC-99
    Amp: Pioneer Elite SC-09TX
    Speakers: Polk LSiM 703 (Fl, FR, RL, RR), Polk LSiM706 (Center), Polk 900-LS (Atmos)
    Subwoofers: SVS SB13 x 3
    Source: Oppo UDP-205, Apple TV, Amazon Fire
    Power: PS Audio P5 Regenerator, Furman IT Reference 15i, Pangea AC14SE and AC9SE Cables
    Display: Sony XBR75X940D
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 1,120
    edited November 2017
    And they're on the other side of the country from me... Shipping would be a nightmare and $$$

    Plus the first pic are 11Ts....
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