Thor: Ragnarok

Caught this yesterday afternoon. VERY enjoyable, fun and well done movie. This one had alot of humor in it. It's a solid standalone movie that had little ties to the other movies. There were some tie ins, but not much.

On a side note...Cate Blanchett was ridiculously hot in this as Hela, Goddess of Death. Read an article about the strength / physical training she underwent to get prepared for the very unforgiving full spandex bodysuit she wore throughout the movie. Big props to Cate, who at 48yo...looks amazing!
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  • ZLTFULZLTFUL Posts: 4,613
    Actually, the tie-ins were numerous for the lead up to the Infinity War movies.

    Sorry...just the comic book nerd in me.

    My only real complaint is I wish all of the studios would get on board with the story lines so that we could have a Planet Hulk movie on its own instead of having it folded into the Ragnarok movie (although, they did an admirable job of doing so).

    Otherwise, it was a great adaptation of the comics into a movie once again.
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    I'm not nerd enough to have caught the tie-ins! LOL
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    Never mind. Thought this was a post about a new Schiit product.
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