RTi A1 - No sounds from midbass driver

I recently brought a pair of RTi A1 second hand with a pair of TSi100's and a Yamaha R-S300 amp. The seller said everything was fine before he shipped them.

The TSi100 run fine but both the RTi have no sound coming from the mids. If it gently touch the cone on one it kicks into life and sounds fine. The other does nothing. I pulled the driver out and feed the terminals direct from the amp on the one that works with the cone touched and same result. The other driver has 1 terminal soldered direct to the wire rather than connector so i havent tested it completely seperate but feed to the terminals it still seemed dead. So it seems that one at least has been worked on before.

Is there a way to test if these are completely fried? The tweeters work fine.

Appreciate any help


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    First thing to check is the rear speaker wire connections. Check to make sure the gold colored metal plate between the top and bottom connectors is in place and is secure when the binding posts are tightened. No need to bi-wire these, which is the reason for the plate. When you use the top or bottom set of terminals only the signal will pass to the other pair through the plate. Best advice is to remove the plate and use quality speaker wire between the upper and lower terminals if not bi-wiring. 5ggr03rx00gf.jpg
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    Yep the plates are in and solid

    So i removed both drivers from the boxes and disconnected from the crossover. Using multi meter to measure the resistance/Independence? i found that 1 would register readings when the cone was moved the other not at all. The one that didnt move when i put the terminals to the actual wire coming from the voice coil where it comes into the block that the wires connect to it would register and change as cone was moved. So it was like there was a connection problem from the wires to the terminals. I tested using a 9v battery on the terminals and the intermittent one buzzed and moved as expected. After fiddling with the other one it would eventually do the same. Sometimes instead of moving in and out however the cone pushed to max extension and stayed?

    After this i reassembled and they are both working as per normal. For how long im not sure as i didnt really do anything to fix them. Perhaps during shipping they got jolted which caused a connection issue. Then connecting the 9v to the terminals has produced enough movement to get things unstuck? Im not sure how it all works to be honest.
    Any one have an explanation ?
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