Sound Bar Xmas present - Opinions wanted.

Hey guys, ISO some opinions here. My parents recently got a new TV and I was thinking about getting them a Polk Magna-fi Mini as an Xmas gift to go with their new TV. I don't think my parents technically mind the sound of the TV, but I know a soundbar would be much better. Have any of you any experience with gifting a soundbar to someone not so inclined to care about sound, if so what were there impressions? 250 is more than I usually spend on a present for them, but figured since they watch a lot of TV it could benefit them both and they would get a ton of use out of it.


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,500
    Gave a soundbar to somebody about 5 years ago.

    Didnt go over very well at first, but it's still in use.
  • If they watch a lot of movies, they will enjoy it! A nice plus factor is that it supports Spotify. I was showing my pop how he can play all his golden oldies on it via spotify and he really took to it well once he got the hang of the app.
  • They tend to watch a lot of movies, plus my dad is a rocker. He doesn't care so much about SQ as he does volume. His system is in his garage so I think he might appreciate something in the house. Plus I am not sure mom's hearing is what it used to be, she must take after her mom.... what? I think I will pull the trigger, just wondering if other folks had similar experiences.
  • For the house I'd like to get them something a little more refined, small too.
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