WTB: budget xlr to rca speaker cables

I have graduated to full separated now with a pre/pro and amplifier. As such, I would like to get my hands on 5 xlr female to rca cables in 3 foot length for my HT speakers and a 15' xlr female to rca cable for my SVS subwoofer. I know monoprice sells them cheap, but wondering if any of you have any spares lying around that I could purchase on the cheap. Thanks in advance,
Pre-Amp: Marantz AV-7005 Pre
Amp: B&K AV5000 Series II
Center Channel: Polk LsiM706c
Front: Polk LsiM703
Rear: LSI fx
Subwoofer: SVS 20-39pci
Television: Samsung LN46B640
DVD Player: Sony BDP-S1000ES
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