Isoacoustics Speaker Stands

jdjohnjdjohn Posts: 426
Upon recommendation from a friend, I got a pair of Isoacoustics ISO-L8R200 speaker stands. They include two different lengths of tubes and spacers, and by putting spacers on the front tubes, you can obtain a backwards tilt. Here I have the short tubes installed with spacers added in the front. There are also much longer tubes included that can get the stands to almost 9" high.
Primary use for me was going to be with my Infinity RS5
I thought they might be too small for Polk Monitor 10s, but they actually work!
I have read recommendations about having proper stands for box speakers, but it wasn't until I actually TRIED it that I understood. Huge difference in separation, and tight as a frog's butt.

Isoacoustics has a good product here, available in several sizes, and it won't break the bank.


  • mikeyb128mikeyb128 Posts: 2,745
    These guys have some speaker footers called the Gaia. I’ve been toying the idea of trying these. But they aren’t cheap! About 600 for two speakers. The reviews seem to show very positive improvement from their products. Looks like good quality stuff.
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