An evening at Pro Musica Audio in Chicago

I stopped by the Pro Musica Audio Specialists store since they are close to my school and I happened to be in the area. Yelp! indicated that they are wheelchair accessible but they are not (there are two very large steps to get onto the main floor and two more large steps in the back to get into the third listening room).

Nonplused, John & Ken grabbed some boards from their stockroom, laid them down over the steps, and helped to get me into the store. Later, I realized that this is a heck of a sales tactic as I couldn't get back out of the store without their assistance (the grade of the makeshift ramp is way too steep) so they could have forced me to stay in there until I bought something. lol.

These two guys are very knowledgeable and passionate about audio. They demoed all the speakers I wanted to hear, made suggestions & recommendations, and offered to bring whatever gear I wanted to hear in my home so I could hear it in my environment.

After listening to a few different pieces of equipment along with a bunch of different speakers, I know now what I would buy if I won the I know that a lot of folks here cannot afford to buy high-end gear new and it can be pricey but, in my humble opinion, sometimes the cost is justified. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that the more it costs = the better it sounds. There are exceptions to every rule and sometimes things prove why they cost a little more. I do like to support local businesses whenever possible, especially when they are run by good people.

If you find yourself in the Chicago area, more specifically in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, drop in to see the Pro Musica Audio Specialists and spend some time with John & Ken. It will definitely be time well spent for people who appreciate this hobby, good music, good conversations, and very nice sounding gear.

As far as what I heard & liked, they say a picture is worth a thousand words....

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I've long opined that reading about hifi is akin to reading about sex -- there is some entertainment value, but one cannot beat empiricism.


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