Audio on Polk Hampden speakers cuts out when using Bluetooth on MacBook Pro

I have a set of Polk Hampden desktop speakers that play audio over a bluetooth connection with my MacBook Pro, but the audio cuts out constantly (sounds similar to a CD skipping). It does this regardless of how close the computer is to the speakers, and whether the audio is coming from iTunes, a DVD, or from an internet browser. I have Mac OSX 10.11.6 now, but this has been happening with earlier versions of OSX ever since I bought the speakers.

The speakers will play audio from my iPhone over bluetooth just fine, no problems there. The speakers will also play audio fine when connected to my Macbook with a USB, so there's something about the Bluetooth specifically between my Macbook and the speakers.


  • Did you figure out how to fix this? I’m having the same problem from my phone to sound bar.
    I’ve tried deleting the sound bar off my bluetooth section of my phone, restarted my phone, restarted the sound bar, disconnected from WiFi. Ugh!!
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