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as i've mentioned before in this space all my sources are digital now...

i've recently graduate from this:

to this:

when i got the poppulse DAC i was still rocking my adcom setup and hadn't yet gotten the sonic frontiers tube gear... as soon as i did i realized that the little DAC that could was the weak link in the chain... but i also knew that it would be a while before i would be able to do anything about...

in the meantime i read as much as i could about DAC's and chips and DSD and all kinds of stuff having to do with digital audio. A few months ago i knew i would have enough saved by halloween to be able to take it to the next level... so i started shopping around a bit. At first I wasn't going to spend as much i ended up spending... but then i realized my tube gear deserved something worthy of their majesty. Initially I thought about ordering another DAC from Hong Kong as they seem to be on the cutting edge of the technology... but then I decided i wanted to source something locally... my favorite audiophile shop here in town had the TEAC in the lightly used section... i started monitoring it a few months ago... it was on the shelf way longer than they usually keep such things in stock... when it was still available when i actually had $ in hand... i knew it was meant to be.

i just got it hooked up last night and haven't had much time to mess with it. it's way more advanced than the last DAC i had... obviously... one thing i did do immediately was get a digital coaxial cable and run digital out of my OPPO into the new DAC which has 5 digital inputs. of course i've got my mac mini running into the new DAC via usb...

i'm looking forward to spending the weekend with it and taking stock of its sound and capabilities.... although this weekend might be the last nice one for a while up here in the nw and i'm tempted to take a road trip to the coast instead...

if anyone here has or has had a teac ud-501 i'd be curious about your thoughts and experiences...

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audioquest type 4
rhino-tek 1000w 15amp voltage regulator
vansevers 211 power cord
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rf/emi/noise reduction caps for empty rca inputs.
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luxman M-120A
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    Looks nice. Eager to hear your thoughts after it's had some time in your system. Looks like you system is coming along pretty nicely.
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