magnifi Mini with LG Super UHD SJ850 - ARC not receiving sound

I just got my polk mini Magnifi, audio quality is great, everything works via the optical connection, google cast, bluetooth. I cannot get my ARC HDMI to work (and this is how I need the polk to work through). as i said everything works via the optical (so handshake with my LG SJ850 SUPER UHD TV works via optical). but I cannot get my ARC to work... the ARC does work with other devices so the TV is not the problem.

I tried disconnecting and connecting a million times doesn't help. i got it to work after 50 times for 20 minutes via ARC, but that's that. any ideas?

I read there is also the matter of FW. how do i upgrade the firmware on the polk? I just attached it via the ethernet cable to my network.... maybe this is going to solve something..... any help will be appreciated.


  • Hello @guyrab,

    I'm looking at your TV online and it looks like it does have the ARC on HDMI 2 so we shouldn't have an issue. It could be a problem or a setting issue with the Sony.

    To do any firmware updates you will want to download the Google Home App on your iphone or Android, put the Mini on the network, then the update will happen at 4am the next day.

    You can email me at [email protected] if you are still having issues.
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