My ebay score !!!

Picked up an early Japan pressing of The Beatles Collection. EAS-50031-44 '' The Blue Box ''
Got it for $255. Still smiling ear to ear over this one. Still in original plastic from the store. Plastic is a bit weathered, but from 1979 I would be surprised if it wasn't. The box is like new, Not a rip, tear or shelf wear. All inserts and OBI like new. Vinyl is new and sounds absolutely stunning. Not a tic or pop on the whole set. Yaeh, I played them all.
Call me one happy camper over this one. Cheers


  • Tony MTony M Posts: 3,281
    Nice. Congrats !
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies . I am glad to be a part of a select group that tries to take our auditory and visual senses to a higher level: we EXPERIENCE them.... GOT SDA?... Got TFM ?
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 714
    Sweet grab!!! Break out the DAC and convert them so you only break out the vinyl for special occasions.
  • tratlifftratliff Posts: 512
    That is awesome. I would really enjoy getting my hands on that set.

    I have researched the Mofi set. But when you find them unopened they are really expensive.

    If I had the set I would play them and not worry about it.

    Congrats on the great score.
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  • hochpt21hochpt21 Posts: 4,851
    Nice work Chumlie!
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 6,091
    Way to go Chumlie!
  • pumpkinmanpumpkinman Posts: 5,178
    Nice Chumlie

    Because I am The Pumpkinking

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  • chumliechumlie Posts: 8,185
    I was gonna say I listen to all my records. Why buy them otherwise. I stand corrected. Just picked up another Beatles vinyl box.'' Beatles Deluxe Box Set 1988 Capitol BBX1-01302 '' The one with the black finished oak box with roll-up opening. Records are all still sealed. Couldn't let it pass. This one I won't open. Not a doubt in my mind someone is gonna be happy when my kids off it when I'm gone. :)
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 15,045
    one simply cannot have too much Beatles (too many Beatles?)...
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  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 476
    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    one simply cannot have too much Beatles (too many Beatles?)...

    A copious compendium of Coleoptera?
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  • msgmsg Posts: 3,385
    I gotta be the only person on the planet who hates The Beatles - they give me the friggin creeps - but I can appreciate a great acquisition like this - Fantastic! What a deal on a great collection.

    Glad to read you're actually gonna listen to them!
    Gotta love the quality of older vinyl.
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