Blade Runner 2049

Got to finally see this last night. I liked this movie alot! I can see why it's not doing that great in the theaters though, kind of like the original Blade Runner. The 2.5 hour run time along with the sort of "artsy" type style of filming and story telling no doubt turns people off, especially these days. We're in the days of comic book movies and people wanting lots of stuff blowing up without having to think much. Thats a darn shame in my book!

With all of that said, the movie is flat out gorgeous! I've been hearing alot about the cinematography of the movie and how it's Oscar worthy, and it absolutely is! Story wise, I loved it!

This is going to make for one seriously stunning Blu Ray, especially for 4K TV owners. The sound should be equally as stunning. It'll be a release day buy for me.

If you skip it in the theater, be sure to atleast give it a whirl rental wise at home.
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  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 476
    Strong Bad wrote: »
    We're in the days of comic book movies and people wanting lots of stuff blowing up without having to think much. Thats a darn shame in my book!
    ^^^^ This x infinty
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    I saw the movie this week at in 3D on Thursday. I agree it's a fantastic movie for scifi lovers and those of you who liked the first movie. There was a good story in this movie which is unusual in this cartoon, super hero's era of films. A lot of cool and weird stuff just like the first movie. Highly recommended!

  • halohalo Posts: 3,654
    My wife & I saw this movie a few days after it opened.

    Afterward, we both looked at each other and said that it was the best movie either of us has ever seen. The soundtrack/score is phenomenal in the way that it moves with/throughout the film. As Carl states above, I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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    Saw this movie with my lovely lady in 3D ultra AVX and we both loved it. Great sound and visuals. Can’t wait for the Blu-ray to blast my dual PB ultras. The bass In the theater was actually impressive!
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    Yeah, saw it in 3-D, really good work of art. Liked the first one I also saw that in the theater and I seem to remember it wasn't widely attended in the theaters, but became a cult classic. This one is really good!
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    I enjoyed it a lot also. But I think you have to enjoy the pacing, cinematography and characterization in the first movie, in order to like this one. I can see it as very "polarizing". Not a lot of in-between love and hate on this movie.
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    Not as good as the original, but still a good movie.
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    I went in with low expectations with this movie, but exited with a great feeling. The direction was similar in style to Ridley Scott's, even though it was only produced by him. As others have said, it similar in style to the original and, IMO, if you like the original, you will like this one. But I have to agree, it's not on par with the original. If the original had a 10/10 score, this one would be an 8/10, IMO.
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