Where is the internal memory stored for an Integra DTR-7.1?

I have an old Integra receiver that will lose all presets etc. when we lose power. I have read that the battery is soldered onto a board somewhere but can't seem to find it.

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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 10,840
    Usually that is a cap and ime that cap is in the power supply area.
  • I found something that looks like two watch batteries sandwiched together with a shrink wrap around it (See attached pics). The location where it’s attached to the board has a square around it and marked with a (C7005). Also, this part is no where near the power supply.
  • Well I called Integra and they are pretty much worthless and would not confirm if I found the correct part in the picture. They did tell me that I could trade it in on a newer model...sure I'll spend hundreds when I could buy a 0.25 part to fix the problem. The kicker is they said they'd be giving away proprietary information if they confirmed I had the correct part for a battery??
  • Thanks "pidogg2" I think I've found the correct part to replace.
  • Update: I was able to determine with the help from a friend that works in electronics that this is indeed the correct part. I ordered the new part from Digi-Key Electronics and hopefully it will be here by Friday so we can get it back in service this weekend. The new part was only $2.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 10,840
    I never had any doubts. I've done more than 4-5 :D Not all of them look like that. Some look just like a standard electrolytic cap. Only it will say something like 5v 2200 Mf instead of uf yet those always were replaced with that kind you have.
    Great to hear
  • I appreciate all your input thanks for taking the time to help me! This forum is awesome.
  • I soldered on the new super cap over the weekend and it now works like a charm. It was tested Sunday night when our power went out for about a half hour. When power was restored the receiver came back on playing the same radio station that was on before the power went out.
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