Bandcamp Fans?

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Any of you guys use Bandcamp for checking out new music and underground projects?

I was just listening to Radiotunes' Chillout station, and this track cued up. I've noticed that Radiotunes/ and SOMA seem to play some stuff that hasn't hit Spotify or Tidal, but is available on Bandcamp. I've found some good electronic chillout artists here, really great stuff for settling down in the eves.

Checking out this Zimpzon album now, track "Starlight"


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    American Pie is not really a movie we can discuss here anymore. ;)
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    What happens on the band bus stays on the band bus...
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    American Pie is not really a movie we can discuss here anymore. ;)

    This one time at Band camp.........

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    Ha, how the heck I missed walking right Into to this one I'll never know. Guess I was lost in the choons.
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