sda srs 2.3 modifications



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    One at a time is good advice !

    I'll find a ohmmeter and check the resister.

    Check them all!!!
    I bridged the polyswitch, but left the two other small brown resisters (750pf ?) resister in place - I've read on other threads this can/should be bridged as well - one recommended bridge with a .1uf cap. Unfortunately some other 2.3 xo threads have dead links to the pic's that I think may have been helpful.

    I did see this pic using the original boards (these are not mine) which seems to show the wiring for the 6.2 resister sitting on top of the 12uf cap. Just not sure where the 12 uf cap leads would then plug into the board .. thinking likely the resister 2 location .. ??

    If you have no tweeters at all you have bigger problems than the R2 & C6 issue (that would only affect T2 the middle tweeter, the top & bottom tweeters should be working if wired right, you need to get the schematics and go over everything again, I would start at the polyswitch and go from there. check for bad/cold solder joints, bad components. Yes pull those 750pf silver mica caps and toss them don't put a jumper in place of them, R2 and C6 are wired in parallel and soldered in the R2 position.

    Your going to need to check out the rest of my site. Look at the Hardware (you'll need the nylon mounting hardware at least), Parts Lists (Again you'll need the nylon MATE & LOCK pin headers at least), the Hints & Tips section also download the schematic for the new board.

    And if this seems a bit much for you, you can always contact @westmassguy about fixing them for you.

    Thanks and good luck.
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  • Thanks Gimpod - really appreciate the advice.

    I did end up getting them working temporarily - yes, my soldering had to be redone in a few places, but they definitely sounded improved. However, I was not at all happy or proud of the jerry rigging required, and they most certainly would have been a source of problems down the road - so I didn't even bother to put the passives back on to really give them a listen - so, the overall improvement is unknown at this point.

    Parts are now de-soldered and patiently awaiting your bigger and better boards to arrive. Resisters actually checked out ok, but they are inexpensive and as I needed some more items from sonic craft anyways, I just re-ordered to start fresh with new resister and full leads.

    Lots to learn - enjoying the journey.
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    Please for the love of God, it's RESISTOR.
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  • F1nut wrote: »
    Please for the love of God, it's RESISTOR.

    Ha - noted !
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    Resisters get beat about the head and neck by the po po B)
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  • Sweet sound of success ! Received the custom Gimpod boards from David at DHS. These were a joy to work with, lots of space for everything. Most importantly, the upgraded XO's sound amazing. I've read in places that they require a break-in period, not sure if this is true, but in any event I honestly can't imagine them getting any better.

    Thanks all for the advice and patience with this. I'm really enjoying the 2.3's again !
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    glad they worked out. 200+ hours burn-in minimum.
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    They will get better.
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  • I was amazed at the improvement
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