Concert Season in Northern New England

We've just completed a weekend umm, I mean, end of week concert binge with friends from MA.

Thursday night at the Lebanon (NH) Opera House, we saw Stephen Stills (72) and Judy Collins (78) touring to support their new (!?!) album Everybody Knows. Stills was walking very stiffly but he can still play guitar. Collins looked amazingly great and, other than sounding odd singing harmony on the first two songs, sang surprisingly (nay, amazingly) well.

Listening to her sing Suzanne and Who Knows Where the Time Goes? reminds one of just how iconic both she and these songs are.

Last night was the Cowboy Junkies at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth NH. Now, I loves me some Junkies, and they didn't disappoint. We were a little disappointed that the show wasn't a sell out and that the audience was a little reserved. The show was great and Margo Timmins was in great voice. I love her voice. As our friend Jack said "I'd listen to her sing from the Toronto phone book" :)

After the show, we stuck around to meet-n-greet. I happened to bump into one of my vacuum tube hifi buddies from the area (let's call him "Ed") who was at the show with a friend. I was chatting with them and didn't even realized that Margo'd come out to sign stuff & chat until she was saying hello to me! Derp. She was (is) very sweet & gracious. I would've been starstruck, but, not even knowing I was "in line" I was just a little befuddled! ... but I did get to shake hands and chit-chat with... Margo Timmins.

Ed had brought an old photograph of Margo for her to sign, which she did, gladly. The photo featured her posing with an ornate wall mirror. She said "I still have that mirror! It was my grandmother's" and seemed genuinely delighted to see the photo.

Here's a photo of our friend Linda and Margo.


Both of these are great venues to see a show. Small, comfortable, good acoustics and good sightlines -- and there's even easy (free or at least cheap) parking!

I encourage all y'all to support live music as much as you can! :)


  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,046
    oh -- here's the photo that Ed brought for her to sign.
    Good ol' the internets...

  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,046
    Mr. Stills and Ms Collins (from an NPR post on their album).


    Stills at 72 is the spittin' image of the now-retired Lutheran pastor (and longtime friend) who married Mrs. H and me. Except for the beard.
  • muncybobmuncybob Posts: 1,870
    If Margo & Co. would come anywhere close to here...I'm there!

    What a great experience you had! Listened to a bit of the new Stills/Collins album and while I respect their talent it's just not my cup o' tea.
    Yep, my name really is Bob.
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    My imagination is working visualizing what's behind the mirror.
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    My imagination is working visualizing what's behind the mirror.

    Amusingly enough, she and Ed chatted about the mirror -- he asked something to the effect of would she pose with it again sometime (since she still has it) and she laughed and said, "Well, I won't be taking my clothes off!" :)

    Actually, it's a pretty cool photograph (which I had never seen before). The look is oh-so-80s; she looks like she's one of the cast of The Breakfast Club or something ;)

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