WTB Polk Monitor Peerless Tweeters

Picked up a steal on a set of Polk Monitor 10a's but only one Peerless tweeter works. The other reads overload resistance, so there is a break in the wiring somewhere.

Does anyone have one or a matched pair of Peerless tweeters that came with the Monitor 10a's? Not sure if the Peerless models from the 7's or 5's will work as well but open to any advice. Thanks!


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 729
    I hear Madisound makes a decent copy of the peerless.

    Those 10s wouldn't have happened to be near Baltimore, would they?
  • Styx2015Styx2015 Posts: 2
    No they weren't near Baltimore. Chesapeake, VA actually. Picked up a used Peerless tweeter on eBay, good resistance reading, but speaker still isn't functioning properly. Any ideas?
  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 6,948
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  • halohalo Posts: 3,654
    I have some original peerless tweeters used in the vintage Polk speakers
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