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    Discreet - when you told your wife you bought a few cables but don't mention the speakers that came with them...?

    I stuck one of those in each ear and my head stayed in one place - balanced!!
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    Not to get deep in the technical weeds of D to A conversion, but having gone through a couple of DSP & physics classes, one of the things I remember from my collegiate days was the concept of 'pre-ringing' when converting a digital signal to analog. How the hell can a signal be affected prior to its time domain occurrence? Doesn't seem real. Yet, the mathematical theory predicts this, and the real world result is an ever so slight smearing of the sound signal, so they say. (then of course, going through my statics/dynamics class, the concept of 'imaginary #s and the 's-plane' explains why the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Galloping Gurdy) rocked itself into pieces... all because its nodal frequency #s didn't resolve in to the s-plane (the imaginary numbers plane - 'i' [square root of negative 1]) So go figure about some of that mathematic hypothesis BS ....some of that schiit is actually real!

    Meridian came out with a product line of CD players/Digital processors that had their technical solution for this pre-ringing - Apodizing filter... at a very, very steep price. The architecture plus the processing algorithm that Schiit uses also solves this 'pre-ringing' conundrum... so they say (very subtly)... and I've been interested to take the plunge, but yet haven't had the $$ to justify this purchase on my priority list.

    As an audio geek... I hope some day to marry theory with practical experience and buy a Yiggy! I fully believe in their design and concept. Even without having heard one! Plus their attitude to hi-fi, and all the posturing and all... Those guyz rock!
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    I sat for a bit and pondered upon how I would get the output of the Schiit over to the BH Mainline headphone amp. Then a light came on...dimly at first but eventually enough to make a decision with. I already had a pair of long rca's feeding the TT to the main system. All I had to do was move each end about 6 inches to new connectors (one on the secondary DAC output and the other to the Mainline input). Pretty tough to do, probably took almost two entire minutes!

    ummm...wow. I know that RCA run is a bit much in length but putting that Schiit through the Mainline into the HD 800S's is an experience. I think it might just stay that way!
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    OMG! Put it's clothes back on!!!
  • I run a Magni/Modi 2 Uber stack for my desk rig. And i must agree.

    It's some good Schiit.
    I don't read the newsssspaperssss because dey aaaallllllllll...... have ugly print.

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