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Hey guys, searched the forum and I couldn't find my answer. Unfortunately, I cannot wall mount my speakers and have to use stands. The stand mount options, although vast, didn't quite fit the TLs. I had to remove the rubber base to the satellites and it appears to be just a bit of a weight. This isn't some super important sonic masterpiece part of the TL, right?


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    I would have to assume that they would serve a purpose other than weight. It looks like it keeps the plastic base off the ground which would rattle/move/resonate. My vote goes to keeping that rubber base on.

    Are they just regular stands or are the sats mounted to the stand so there is nothing touching the bottom as that would dictate what I would do.
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  • The sats are mounted, which is why I took them off. My other option is to not mount them and use some tape to hold them on. By going that way, the stands have a base plate that is juuust a bit too small and one that is HUGE. Removing the rubber base and mounting them with one of the supplied mounting plate has the cleanest look (and nothing should rattle). I should be all set up tonight, so I'll give it a real strong test.
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