Third RTi-A7 on its side for center channel?

KrytenKryten Posts: 20
Torn between buying a 3rd RTi-A7 or a CSi A6 to replace the CS10 center. There's not that much of a price difference between the two unless I hit a sale.

Had the hare-brained thought that I could lay the 3rd tower on it's side in front of the metal/glass TV stand to avoid vibration. Or I can build stands to keep it back a bit under the TV but above the top shelf and below the TV.

I find myself listening to cable music stations in all stereo a lot as I putter.
Movie sound is good enough for now.
Rear speakers are Currently re-worked Pioneer HPM-40s, sub is a bit lacking at the moment.
Upgrading one piece at a time. Goal is to get to 7.2 or no more than 9.2. May separate out the Home Theatre system from the Music system. New wife doesn't care about the looks, size, clutter, just that it sounds good to her and I'm happy - Yeah, I'm blessed....

So, 3 questions:
1) Sonically I would expect the RTi-A7 to outperform a CSi A6, Correct?
2) Sonically or mechanically, are there issues with turning an A7 on its side? This would move the drivers into an unusual arrangement with respect to the listener, but would it matter?
3) What have I failed to consider (including sufficient power, phasing, timing......)?

I'm currently working on rebuilding a pair of Monitor Series 5s, then a pair of KEHs, then pairs of Pioneer CS-77s and CS-88s, then a pair of soon to be acquired Pioneer HPM-100s. Some of these will matched with older stereo receivers that need to go across the bench. Doubt any of these would timbre match the Front Polk RTi-A7s. (yeah, I'll probably do the crossover upgrade on the A7s as money/time allow).



  • mikeyb128mikeyb128 Posts: 2,723
    If you saw the A6 in person, you would erase the thought of a wobbly, curved, giant speaker on its side.
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  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 4,278
    Unless u can stand it upright below or behind a projector screen, just go with the a6. Awesome center, you won't be disappointed!
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  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,380
    Yes go for the A6, putting a floor standing speaker on it's side will toss the tweeter too off center causing sound imbalance.

    Now if you're from West Virginia, well ......
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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  • mdaudioguymdaudioguy Posts: 4,404
    No, no, no! Get a real center, unless you can stand a tower upright. If you can... It's great! But not on its side, please.
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  • KrytenKryten Posts: 20
    Thank you all for the responses and resulting chuckles. Sometimes a guy needs a sanity check.
  • mantismantis Posts: 14,897
    where do these crazy ideas come from?
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  • gudnoyezgudnoyez Posts: 6,196
    Just get a A6 center channel and enjoy a nice big beasty center channel.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 10,012
    Kryten wrote: »
    Thank you all for the responses and resulting chuckles. Sometimes a guy needs a sanity check.

    You seem to get it. Another guy came here and just flamed us for even suggesting he get a real center channel. Unless its a rectangle box 2way speaker you may be able to get away with on its side. Big 3way like that with curved sides good god no please. If you had a projector going to a screen and it could stand up and not be in the screen view then heck ya i can see that.
    You will be very happy with the proper center channel.
    Yea we laughed hard when he shared a picture. It truly was a gargantuan mess for a trailor living room that size.
  • KrytenKryten Posts: 20
    nudie shot. :D ... I have my turntable elsewhere, away from speaker. Would be concerned about vibration from a center speaker. Shoot, I'm worried it'll shake the TV or DVD player. I do have room to raise my TV and put a Tower under it, but will continue pursuing a CSI-A6. Again, Thanks to all who replied.
  • chumliechumlie Posts: 8,320
    Kryten wrote: »
    nudie shot. :D ... I have my turntable elsewhere, away from speaker. Would be concerned about vibration from a center speaker. Shoot, I'm worried it'll shake the TV or DVD player. I do have room to raise my TV and put a Tower under it, but will continue pursuing a CSI-A6. Again, Thanks to all who replied.
  • Thanks Chumlie. Wrong coast though. Shipping might be a deal breaker.
  • mrbironmrbiron Posts: 4,754
    Like you mentioned in the "for sale" thread, the Polk Ebay store is no joke.
    I've bought 3 pairs of refurb speakers that all showed up looking AND packaged brand new. You may have a hard time finding one for cheaper on the open market.
    With example shipping to Mass, it only adds $40 to total.
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  • KrytenKryten Posts: 20
    I bought the CsiA6 from Crutchfield on sale. $253 with tax. The difference between the my CS10 and the CsiA6 is, to say the least, dramatic. My wife was shocked on 3 counts. 1) How big the A6 is; 2) How "clean and strong" (her words) it sounds and 3) How great the CS10 sounded on the other HT setup. It replaced a baby Yammy. "Wow, one speaker made that much difference?"

    I have left the new A6 playing FM classical for 11 hours now and every time I come back in the room it sounds less shrieky/bright. Cannot wait for 100hours to play through it. That's how long my A7s took to settle in. We're watching the remake of Ghostbusters now at moderate volume. Only thing I did was back the center channel down 2dB from the previous setting.

    I should start a new thread, but how do you all tame the cable spaghetti? Once I clean things up I will post a pic.
  • msgmsg Posts: 4,148
    Nice, glad to hear you're enjoying the new acquisition. Indeed, I was impressed with the CSi5 when I got it. A nice sized center makes a big difference. Also cool that your wife is getting a kick out of this stuff with you.

    Re: cable bisgetti, I use velcro ties, cheap on Amazon, fuzzy side out. Just looked them up - used to be $6 for 100, but price has gone up. I first came across these at the local big-box hardware stores, but half the quantity.
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