DSW Pro 660

Hi and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, a couple weeks ago my DSW 660 subwoofer stopped working , after contacting the amazing people at polk audio CS they sent me a new amp. and when I pulled my old amp out I immediately saw what the problem was.check the pictures below and any advice of what might happened and what to do to prevent this in the future would be much appreciated.




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    It done blew up......

    Hard to tell, but stuff happens and it's highly likely it had nothing to do with you.

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    That looks like a malfunction or possibly a lightning strike
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    Thank you guys , I wasn't really sure about what has happened and if it is something that can be avoided.
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    I had an outdoor GFCI receptacle that looks just like that. Practically burned up inside the box, no reason for it either; it was properly mounted in a weatherproof enclosure and it didn't even have anything plugged into it when it happened. If it wasn't for the strong odor it gave off, I wouldn't have even known anything was wrong.
    Just chalked it up to stuff happens I guess, but lucky my house didn't catch fire.
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