magnifi mini wifi config

rcjrcj Posts: 1
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Hi, tried pressing the wifi setup button - however, the white led never illuminates.
I held the button in for 10 seconds, I hear 2 high pitch tones, but nothing happens.
I held it in for 20 seconds, and hear the 2 high pitch tones, and then around 20 seconds, 2 low pitch tones and then the center red led started flashing, slowly getting faster and eventually going out.

On the router, I press the WPS button from the remote setup - the router had a status to start WPS process. But nothing connected.

On the laptop, I click on Networks, I see mine and also see wideopen Polk MagniFi Mini - 9467.I001 wifi network.

If I do not want to use wifi, how do I stop it from broadcasting? Is that the correct sequence to configure the wifi onto network?

ps. I don't own a cellphone to run the apps. Is there any other method?
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