Any Experience w/ Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box S?

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Have a small group of friends that like to get together and listen to, and talk music. After spinning some vinyl (and occasionally CD's) we often end up wanting to quickly play clips of music off various mobile devices. So wondering if one of these Pro-Ject boxes might be the solution. Decent sound quality would be nice, but actually most concerned with how quickly and easily people's devices can 'discover', and connect to the box. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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    Haven't tried that one, but I grabbed a couple of the little Iogear Tune Taps a couple of years ago. For digital they only offer optical, no coax. I think they sound good for quick Bluetooth connectivity in 15-20ft or less. Specced for 30ft, but real world for me was around 20ft with obstructions before jitter and dropout.

    The Pro-Ject one should be better. Remembers up to 8 devices?

    Anyway, I can mess around with switching a few devices to give you a sense of how the Iogear one works with that, at least.
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