Polk gets it, re: power ratings

Looking at the Owners Manual for the Polk Signature Series, we find the following recommendation on power requirements: "we recommend using amplifiers and receivers with rated power above the rated Power Handling limits of our speakers because having extra power available for short term peaks is conducive to better sound quality, maximum dynamic range and effortless high volume output. But we strongly urge you not to use the full power of your amplifier or receiver for daily listening."

Now those that are touting 'more power' are vindicated by the manufacturer. An easy way to show the wife a current system is under-powered.

Mr. Watkins complained of my little receiver and it's rated power output in the 80s when I bought his speakers.

What do other speaker manufacturer's recommend?


  • mpitogompitogo Posts: 60
    Probably too many customer warranty claims of blown speakers due to clipping with underpowered amplifiers.
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,202
    What do other speaker manufacturer's recommend?

    Most will tell you a range, a safe operating range for their speakers. Usually represented in "recommended watts". They will stay away from recommending specific power requirements as that lends itself to liability.

    It's always up to you, the end user to do your due diligence, educate yourself about power and audio in general.
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