Polk Magnifi One sub unsyncing

I have the polk magnifi one with wireless sub and having trouble with it becoming unsynced. I believe it is this model https://polkaudio.com/products/magnifi-one

I spoke to customer service about it and the guy said Wifi interference is disturbing the blutooth connection. Is this even a thing? He said moving it from the wifi modem should fix it. I've tried the best I can but don't have a lot of outlets in my house and my entertainment center is all centralized near my cable input. Is this my issue or is it something else? Sub is probably 2 feet away from modem and soundbar 4 ft. Tried moving the sub to back of the room (only other place with an outlet) and it still blurbs and becomes disconnected. It can really make a movie unpleasant with the bass cutting in and out all the time. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?


  • Anything? Sorry this may be a noob topic, but really haven't found anything insightful on the subject.
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,651
    I would try and see if you can change the channel your Wifi uses.

    Hope it helps.
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,204
    Yes, it is "a thing". As suggested, try putting your other wifi stuff on different channels, as far away numerically as the others.

    How many other devices do you have using wifi ?

    Not to be a stick in the mud, ok...I'll be a stick in the mud for a second. Wifi interference can happen on any product and it's a pain in the rear to nail down. This will eventually happen to most, with any given product which is why I always preferred a wired solution when possible.

    You can also try unplugging the device that's giving you problems. Unplug it, wait about 2 or 3 minutes and plug it back in. This will reset it, and hopefully re-establish your connection. You may also want to try that on your router....sometimes these things need a re-boost every now and then. Good luck to you and let us know if any of this works out for you.
  • You can change the channel on Wifi? Lol how do you do that? I have a dual-band router/modem, but it had this problem before on the single. I thought the modem is locked into a certain frequency and you can't "change the channel."

    I have my entertainment system (XBOX) hardwired if that makes a difference and have noticed when I get on my cell phone or other wifi device it tends to cut out more.
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