Pioneer sc-25 pre out voltage? emotiva xpa5

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Recently picked up a emotiva xpa5 gen3 for my polk rtia9. It is now hooked up with my pioneer sc-25 which is 140watts per channel.

The problem I have now is that the Pioneer sounds better then the xpa5, the pioneer sounds more cleaner/powerful then the emotiva.

I recently called emotiva tech department and they are saying the Pioneer pre out voltage is not powerful enough to power the emotiva, they say it should be 1.5v for good power to power the emotiva. So what should I do? buy a new receiver? Anyone know the pre-out voltage on the Pioneer sc-25?

I've been doing some research and I was thinking of buying two Art cleanbox pro as I have the polks rtia9 bi amped, other forums say it well help boost the pre-out voltage is this true?

Thanks in advance for the help everybody.



  • so you are trying to use the pioneer for a pre-amp and the emotiva for the power amp ?

  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,614
    so you are trying to use the pioneer for a pre-amp and the emotiva for the power amp ?

    Yes when you use the receivers pre outs it does exactly that. The channels used on the receivers pre outs are then bypassed from the internal amp to the external amp. This will then take make it a little more powerful to the remaining channels in use by the internal power section.
  • that is a pretty beefy AVR, i would not think adding a separate power amp would really be a improvement. 140 watts a channel is pretty good.

    i did a little digging and a guy on a forum said he measured his and it was 1.5V

    and some one said all THX pioneer receivers have this but im not sure what all that is lol..

    output level for -20dBFs input , 0dB VR position => 150mV
    output level for -20dBFs input , +12dB VR Position(MAX) => 600mV
    output level for 0dBFs input, 0dB VR position => 1.5V"

    that is about all the info i could dig up

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