Any PA (sound) guys here?

ROHfanROHfan Posts: 1,001
I just picked up a pair of Yamaha SV15 mains for my son's band. They're in mint condition and I only paid 150 for them. Did I get a good deal?


  • Msabot1Msabot1 Posts: 1,727
    In good shape those go for around 100 clams each..You got a pair for 150 in excellent shape,so you did well,I think...
  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 3,631
    The club series like yours take one heck of a beating and keep on going. 150 was a good price!
  • ROHfanROHfan Posts: 1,001
    Ok, good to know. Thanks, dudes.
  • tophatjohnnytophatjohnny Posts: 1,899
    Owned a pair Of Club Series S115V's for years, still minty and great for rehearsing, could even pull off a small gig with these puppies if needed. Not sure about the model you listed but I think all of the club series stuff is decent.
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