The Venerable [Altec] 604 [Duplex]"

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So -- I just saw this link Somewhere Else. It is from 1982, and is (apparently) widely referenced in the places you might expect to find such things (ahem, ahem) -- but it was new to me.

So, I thought I'd share it here. Page 24 of the PDF (labeled page 26 in the periodical). Magazine/DB-1982-08.pdf

I'm a fan :)

13296896864_08ab7ca1a2_b.jpg604Etest by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
25446819716_8eb219ca35_b.jpg604E by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
10127672406_daf8cdc207_b.jpgDSC_8059 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

Another article from Art Dudley that sort of puts the Duplex in context:


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    "carefully, cost-no-object–engineered to show producers what, exactly, is coming down the mike feed. You really want to know what's hidden in those record grooves? These will show you."

    I've never had the opportunity to hear these. Sounds intriguing.
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    Per the link above, Art Dudley has him on his list of five loudspeakers you should hear before you die :)

    Art's in the midst of a two-parter on rehabbing a pair of 604Es in Stereophile, in fact.
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