Samsung Galaxy S7

Hi All,

I upgraded to the Galaxy S8+ and will like to sell my S7, it has a clean Sprint ESN and can be unlocked to use with other carriers (I think) I pay the buy price at the end of the lease. The phone has a small crack on the glass at the bottom close to the headphone jack. Otherwise is in excellent condition.

I will let it go for $180.00 plus shipping, please let me know if anyone is interested. See pictures below.

AMP- Parasound 2125, Adcom 585
Mains for HT and some Music- RTi12s
Main for Music only- Linn Keilidh or Usher V-601 and SDA 1C
PreAmp for Music: Cary AE-3
Rear- RT150
Sub-Rythmik audio F25
Player- Oppo BDP-103

Bedroom rig:
Pionner Elite VSX-30...Onkyo CS-5VL SACD Player....Polk Audio LS70


  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 4,026
    Interested if it can work on att. Sent pm.
    Lumin D1, KEF LS50 Wireless, Cayin scd-50T, LH Labs VI Dac, Technics 1200, Denon DL160, Jolida D9, HP I7 Laptop, Wireworld Eclipse 7, Wireworld Aurora, Wireworld Electra 7, Signal Magic Digital, Cardas Quadralink 5C, Velodyne SPL1200
    USB helpers: w4s Recovery

    HT: Elite SC27, Full Polk RTI setup.

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