Active speaker recommendations for amazon echo dot?

Hello everyone. Been a little while since i have posted anything but thought i would stop in and ask for some recommendations. I have an echo dot in my kitchen connected to some old cheap computer speakers. I am looking to update these speakers and was curious what others would choose in my position.

I am looking to spend no more than $200. I would like powered speakers since it is on the cabinet in my kitchen and i would not like a separate amp on the counter. I think that spending more than this on powered speakers is a little silly and even $200 seems a lot to me for speakers used when cooking dinner. I know that i could go with passive speakers and get a better overall speaker, but it is what it is.

I am looking at the following companies and was wondering if anyone had experience with them or could recommend others to check out. I see the AudioEngine, Edifier, Mica, and Swans. Anything else out there i should be looking at before i make a decision?

Thanks for any recommendations.
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    And done.

    Arguably one of the best small footprint active speakers available. I was going to get the same ones in white for my guest bedroom to run with an Echo Dot as well.
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