SDA-2B Left Channel not working

I've had a set of SDA-2B Polks sitting in my garage for over a decade and decided to hook them up to see if they worked. I have the SDA interconnect cable and when I fired them up, the left channel was only getting limited sound. I disconnected the interconnect and no sound at all. I opened the cabinet up, took out all the speakers, checked all the connections and think that it could be the crossover or the circuit board (or both) has gone bad. Is there anyone out there that knows where I can get replacement parts? These still really sound great and I want to rebuild the cabinets and have them in my man cave. Thanks!


  • xschopxschop Posts: 656
    Wiggle the input connector on the board.
  • I've checked all the connections before I logged...including wiggling all the wires. :)
  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,201
    Hmm dimensional is only playing on one channel, interesting.
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  • xschopxschop Posts: 656
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    The female compression pins on mine were oxidized so I hit them with deoxit. I dont trust them on automotive applications and will go back and solder soon.
    If the Coils feel scratchy, could be magnet shift.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 8,110
    I'd push the drivers in to see if they move freely. Try to do it in such a way that you push straight back. If they do not move freely or you feel scratchy as they move could be the magnets have failed on the back of the drivers. At that point you will need new or used drivers. Pull them and remember which go where label the side with painters blue tape. IF they are 2b you should have MW6503 and MW6511 drivers in each cabinet. MW6511 will be outside drivers.
  • Thanks...I will check the drivers.
  • SchurkeySchurkey Posts: 1,714
    Balance knob all the way to "Right"?

    Amplifier, preamplifier, or source component has one dead channel or dead interconnect?

    Swap Left and Right amplifier outputs to see if the problem is in the speakers or in the electronics.
  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 3,957
    Akways check polarization. Did that just a few weeks ago.
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