Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 & Amp

KingkwasKingkwas Posts: 28
Will my noise canceling Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000's benefit from a portable amp? Such as the Oppo HA-2SE?

General thoughts on the headphones themselves?



  • MrBuhlMrBuhl Posts: 1,776
    edited June 13
    I like mine, I like em a lot, wouldn't get on a plane without em, and I fly a lot. Outstanding battery life, great sounding for noise cancelers too IMO. I have not found that they require a portable amp at all, though they would probably benefit as most do if you wanted to go that way.
  • DabutcherDabutcher Posts: 1,245
    I use mine with a Fiio Kilamanjaro II and it greatly enhances the power of the sound. Good luck. D
  • WLDockWLDock Posts: 1,950
    I have a set coming and at some point will try a cheap Fiio with them. I'm sure it will help. That will be my travel set. Then, will save penny's towards an HD 650 home setup with some type of tube amp.
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,651
    Speaking of Polk headphones, they no longer make any Ultrafit or UltraFocus headphones, Asa a mater of fact if you go to the Headphones Product page it will show 11 different sets and only 2 that maybe available (Both ear bud type) 1 is back ordered (the Wrap) and the other 1 that you can order is the Nue Era, all the others are marked "No longer for sale".
  • mrbigbluelightmrbigbluelight Posts: 7,025
    I believe Tony is correct but regarding thoughts on the headphones thenselves, there are 70 reviews on Amazon that you may find beneficial


  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,651
    @mrbigbluelight Thanks for the link, It's kinda weird though as there not listed anywhere on polks site, no product page and nothing under support you can't get any info from polks site at all, it's like they never existed. so where are they coming from? China?, Knock offs? Keebler Elves?
  • WLDockWLDock Posts: 1,950
    edited June 21
    I would guess the product is no longer offered and they took it off the site. Of course there's always remaing stock...as they offer them on eBay and Amazon. I stole a set off eBay myself...stupid cheap! These are very nice....just in time as I have several trips for work coming up.

    One can find the page on the Waayback Machine if ifo is needed.
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