NICE Anthem 225 integrated amp w remote/phono box 225w/ch

Selling my Anthem INT 225. This is a highly reviewed and respected integrated amp that puts out 225 w/ch into 8 ohms and 330 in 4 ohms. It features 7 inputs including a Balanced input and a front panel jack for an i pod. The 225 also has a very good MM phono section as well as bass and treble controls with defeat and a balance control. It has a headphone jack as well as a preamp out and sub out. It also has one of the best universal backlit remotes I have seen on a piece of high end gear. The 225 is built like a tank and weighs over 40lbs. Includes, original double box, owners manual, power cord and the remote control. The Anthem is in excellent condition and everything works as it should. The reviews say it all. Asking $850 or BO Thanks

The phono preamplifier is suitable for moving magnet and high-output moving coil cartrdiges
Input Impedance 47 kΩ
Input Capacitance 100 pF
Maximum Input 18 mV at 20 Hz, 140 mV at 1 kHz, 160mV at 20 kHz
Gain (at 1 kHz) 35 dB
Crosstalk (at 1 kHz) 80 dB
RIAA Response +/- 0.5 dB (100 Hz to 20 kHz); -1 dB (20 Hz)
THD+N (at 1 kHz, 5 mV input) 0.05%
S/N Ratio (ref. 5 mV at 1 kHz, IEC-A filter) 83 dB
Input Impedance 30 kΩ
'Pre-Out' Output Impedance 560 Ω
'Rec-Out' Output Impedance 100 Ω
Rated Input 1.0 Vrms
Maximum Input 7.6 Vrms
Minimum Load 5 kΩ
Rated Output (100 k1 load) 1.0 Vrms
Maximum Output (100 k1 load) 7.6 Vrms
Headphone Output 500 mW into 32 Ω at 0.03% THD+N
Channel Separation (at 1 kHz) 75 dB
Crosstalk Between Inputs (at 1 kHz) 72 dB
XLR Pin Configuration Pin 1: Ground; Pin 2: Positive; Pin 3: Negative
Frequency Response and Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0, -0.1 dB); 1 Hz to 170 kHz (+0, -3 dB)
THD+N (at rated input and output, 80 kHz BW) 0.003%
IMD (CCIF at 15 kHz and 16 kHz) 0.0005%
S/N Ratio (A-weighted, ref 2.0 Vrms) 105 dB
(per channel, continuous RMS, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, <1.0% THD)
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0, -0.15 dB)
Bandwidth 1 Hz to 200 kHz (+0, -3 dB)
THD+N 0.01% at 1 kHz, 0.03% at 20 kHz (100 W into 8 1)
Power Bandwidth < 10 Hz to 100 kHz (+0, -3 dB, 200 W into 8 1)
Slew Rate 25 V/µs
Headroom 1.4 dB (8 1), 2.8 dB (4 1)
Damping Factor 80 at 1 kHz (ref. 8 1)
S/N Ratio (A-weighted, ref 225 W) 105 dB
Crosstalk > 57 dB (100 Hz to 10 kHz)
Voltage Gain 29 dB
Infra Red
Carrier Frequency 38 kHz

Max. Emitter Current Pass-through of input
Trigger Input Polarity Non-polarized

Output Pass-through of input
Impedance 8Ω 4Ω
# of Channels Driven 1 Both 1 Both
*Short Term 240 W 225 W (FTC) 330 W 310 W*
Power Consumption (8 Ω load) Maximum 800 W

Typical 300 W
Fuse Rating (Fuse is internal) Anthem serviceable only
Low Voltage Version: In countries where the line voltage is 120V, this product operates from a single phase AC power source that supplies between 108V and 132V at a frequency of 60 Hz.
High Voltage Version: In countries where the line voltage is 220V, 330V or 240V, this product operates from a single phase AC power source that supplies between 216V and 264V at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
Width 5-7/8 inches (14.9 cm) including feet
Height Width 17-1/4 inches (43.8 cm)
Depth 18 inches (45.7 cm)
Weight (Unpacked) 42.6 lb (19.4 kg)
Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM)



  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,207
    Drool... :)
  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 4,190
    Drool indeed....that could be an end game piece for my humble setup.
  • txcoastal1txcoastal1 Posts: 9,484
    edited June 2017
    That's a lot of bing-bang-boom for the $buck guys

    also forgot to mention....geppy's a righteous dude
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  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,526
    Price drop $795
  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,526
  • kharp1kharp1 Posts: 2,208
    Somebody got a nice piece at a pretty good price, enjoy.
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