SRS 3.1TL Rebuild

I purchased a set of 3.1TL's as part of a set with some other 2-channel equipment. Overall the speakers are in nice shape. One pair of the lower binding posts were broken off and I replaced those.

One other other is that one of the Left/Right Mid-bass drivers (MW6511) is not working properly. I do hear some sound however hear a considerable amount of buzzing along with the music.

I will either need to replace (hard to find) or try and fix. Any one have experience fixing the MW6511's?

I may be getting into more than I expected so may even consider selling them if someone in the Milwaukee-Chicago area is interested.



  • machonemachone Posts: 694
    Welcome to the forum. I don't have personal experience with the 3.1's but I understand that they are great speakers. They deserve a little TLC and I am sure you will be pleased. We are all here to help you get things squared away so don't worry about getting support.
  • Mike ReeterMike Reeter Posts: 3,004
    Congrats on your 3.1TL's.

    The 6511's are the Dimensional Drivers, or SDA Drivers. They do come up for sale on eBay occasionally, do a saved search there and eBay will alert you when one becomes available. Or, you can buy a new replacement from Polk, let them know that you are a Forum Member and receive a discount on price+shipping.

    btw, I have a complete set of Clarity Capacitors and Mundorf Resistors for sale, on the cheap, if you're interested in hearing what the 3.1's are truly capable of.

    Caps/Resistors and a pair of new RDO Tweeters and you have a NEW pair of SDA's.
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,651
    edited June 10

    Plus a new set of PCB's to go with those new caps & resistors. (Shameful plug :blush: )

    Here's a link to the parts @Mike Reeter is talking about and a pic of the new PCB.

    Here are a couple links on how to fix a frozen driver. ( This only has about a 50% chance of working, the biggest problem is getting the magnet and pole/end cap off and back on without damaging the voice coil )

    Resetting a Loose Magnet with Pictures

    Pics of the Magnet Jig
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 57
    Thanks everyone. Didn't know that I could still purchase a replacement MW6511 from Polk. Will check that out.
  • ptrooperptrooper Posts: 187
    Interesting. I am also chasing two. Looking forward to your findings
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 57
    I emailed customer service this weekend...hopefully get a response early this week.
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,651
    jayu969 wrote: »
    I emailed customer service this weekend...hopefully get a response early this week.

    Just call them @ 1-800-377-7655 Option 1. 10AM - 6PM EST Mon-Fri, It's easier and faster.
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