AVA UltraValve

factorzfactorz Posts: 318
I'm listing my much loved AVA UltraValve due to some home repairs I need to focus on. Unit is in good working order with a upgraded fuse. I'll try to get pictures up tonight, but feel free to check out the AVA website if you want to see.

$1050 not including shipping/paypal (orginal box, packing, and manual). $1000 if your local to Milwaukee. Demo possible for serious buyers. Please let me know what questions you have.


  • leahyleahy Posts: 1
    Hi factorz - I'm considering a tube amp and saw your ad pop up on hifi shark. Could you share the age and approximate tube life used or expected?


    Michael (in La Crosse)
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 318
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 318
    Price drop to $950 as I found a little bit of imperfection on the back of the unit which has no effect on the sound. I also noticed that one of the guide pins on a tube was missing. The location of the key has been marked on the tube for future reference.
  • tlarwatlarwa Posts: 26
    I saw this amp in person earlier today ... it's in really nice shape!
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 318
    Bump for a really great amp.
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 318
    Bump. I'll take care of shipping.
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