Parasound P5

Selling my entire system. Second owner (bought here from kharp1) with original double box, power cord, remote and manual. The remote does have a little scuff on it, but nothing major and does not effect its performance. Color is silver. I'll try to get picture up soon.

$700 not including shipping and paypal. If your local to Milwaukee a demo possible for serious buyers.


  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 62
    Hey Chris! The P5 is a nice piece! What are you changing to?
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 334
    I wish it was a change, but I have some major home repairs to do and so the system is going to help fund it. Fun stuff!
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 62
    Bummer.....Sorry to hear that.
  • tlarwatlarwa Posts: 30
    PM sent
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 334
  • factorzfactorz Posts: 334
    Deal pending.
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 2,393
    Someone got a good deal. I have one and really like it.

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  • WLDockWLDock Posts: 2,121
    I'm considering a P3 that I found for cheap....but I would have really liked this one. And only about two hours away!
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  • factorzfactorz Posts: 334
    Unit has been sold. Thanks.
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