Need help placing 706 center speaker


I just replaced older, smaller B&@ speakers with two LSIM 707 towers and a 706 center. I am handicapped by high ceilings, a large open family room/kitchen, a niche with an enclosed entertainment center (its back is about 18 inches from the wall) and wife acceptance factor.

I need advice on where to place the center.

1) In the current position, the center and left tower are on top of each other and the sound bleeds together. I've lived with this for a few weeks but think I need to do better. 2) If I put the center inside the cabinet, I distort the sound and could weaken the center because I'd have to cut out most of the support. 3) I could build a shelf between the cabinet and wall and put the center behind the TV but then sound signals are distorted by the TV and its stand. 4) I could move the center speaker to the middle and try to secure the TV on a shelf above it but it would be sitting back quite a ways. 5) I could mount the TV on the wall and pull it way out when watching but my wife hates the idea of long arms extending the TV a couple of feet forward. The entertainment center is too long to just shove all the way into the corner without messing with the sub and the left tower and it cost $2K so I'm not real eager to ditch it.

I posted one straight-on photo and a second with a side view to give you an idea of the niche. Advice is greatly appreciated.


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