Recommend Polks in a system with Denon and Watkins

Hello from a new member with a few questions from those experienced.

Background, I have a system using some Watkins speakers I purchased from Mr. Watkins back in the 80s (OK, start dating me now...). Serial number around 3000 range if I remember correctly. They've been matched to multiple systems over the years. Now they are stand alone with a Denon X3300W. I'm looking to bring this system into the modern era, possibly keeping the Watkins or ...? Suggestions to fill-in the system, I'd like to keep excellent quality and something I can drive well with the Denon. Open to the possibility of adding an external amplifier later.

Room is ~20x30, few windows, carpeted (going to wood sometime in the future), drywall and vaulted ceiling.

Past has been mostly music; anything goes here to. But, now ready to enjoy the home theater sound as well. Probably 50/50 mix going forward. Oh, and no nearby neighbors to worry about disturbing.

I have experience with some of the Polk's, a pair of Monitor 70s, T50s and 12" subwoofer in my shop driven by a lowly Sony.

Thoughts, recommendations or questions ?


  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 1,792
    Check out Polk's new Signature Series.
  • i have a set of tsx330T towers, they have a very nice overall sound, there basically the same thing as the monitors, just a different cabinet design if i remember correctly. they sound good on my denon and my cambridge amp. i think your average person would be very happy with the TSX towers, some one who is used to hearing higher end speakers may not love them.

    i have had 2 other sets of lower end polk towers that also sounded very good to my ear. they don't sound as natural as the higher end polks and they have just enough detail to sound good. but the over all tone of the lower end polk towers has been good for music, and they also sounded nice for movies..

    it sounds like the new T series is made for music i saw a guy who reviews high end speakers and raving about how good the t series towers were for the money. he was extremely impress by how they sounded for what they cost.

    the new signature series sounds like there pretty awesome for music and movies, people that get them seem to love them. sounds like there a big step above the TSX series an the T series.

    i got the LSiM703 book shelf speakers now, awesome speakers. my old mirage 595is toweres were about the only other set of Speakers i have had that i liked this much.. these sound great for movies and music. very natural and organic sounding. sounds great on both of my amps. around 75 watts on my amps seem like plenty to drive these speakres so i would imagine your amp would do ok with them.. i think the bigger floor standing LSiM speakers can get harder to drive, same with some the RTi series i think.

    i have had a set of energy bookshelf speakers in a pretty large room once. they filled the room with music just fine but i preferred to use a sub but so i think bookshelf would be fine in your size room

    i just do 2 channel for movies too. surround sound does not do anything for me. i have always liked the overall tone polk speakers have.

    i have heard the RTI series before but i cant remember what they sounded like. i know people seem to say they are bright sounding speakers.

    i dont know anything abut the speakers you currently have if you are happy with them keep them, but if you are definitely wanting to make a change polk make some nice speakers.. not sure how much you want to spend

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    I think it depends on your price range. I have the RTIA9's up front, CSIA 6 center, RtiA7 sides and RTIA3 Rears with a HSU VTF-15. I love it. I have the denon 3312 receiver. I also have a sufire cinema grand signature series amp. they are fairly hungry. If you are not planning to use an amp, I have heard great things about the new polk signature series as well that are less power hungry. I have the Tsi 500's (their predecessor in another room and they are great as well. They are running through a denon 1911 and sound great. I heard the signature seres are far better even but I have not compared them side by side.

    May be updating to the new 3300X for 4K. I love my system. Everyone that comes over is blown away. It cranks. I bought them approximately 5 years ago. I have a feeling that they will be replacing them soon, but I am very happy with them. The advantage is that they do run sales on them fairly often and I got them very reasonably when I bought them.
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