Maxell Test CD Track 4 Polarity Test

The other night I using my Maxell test cd (track 3) to test for an off center image.

Track 4 is a polarity test. Three tones: 1st in phase, 2nd out of phase, 3rd in phase. With conventional speakers the results are as expected. 1st and 3rd louder than the 2nd.

However with the 2.3TL's I get the opposite; out of phase is louder and the in phase is softer and this is with the interconnect cable connected or disconnected. I remember running this test before I did the internal rewire and the results were the same but I did not bring it up at the time.

I have always checked the 2.3TL's with a battery to double check polarity and everything checks OK.

Am I missing something or is there something about SDA's that fool this test?
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