missed this anniversary

Around Memorial Day weekend 47 years ago May 1970 S.U.N.Y. New Paltz held what was called their spring festival weekend. On Saturday's bill was the old time blues duo of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Hot Tuna and headlining was the Young Bloods. Sunday's bill was the Jefferson Airplane and headlining was the full on Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs and Englishmen. There were like 30 performers on stage w/ horns backup singers and all kinds of musicians. Leon Russel was the band leader and this was the very first time I saw someone multi tasking. He of course played a baby grand piano but then strapped on even then an old looking Gibson Black Beauty standard and was great on both.They were having such a great time they even called up their bus driver who blew a mean harp. Later billed as a mini Woodstock because it drew a nice sized crowd. But wait there's more. My claim to fame is that I'm on the Young Bloods back cover of the crowd shot clearly visible and did make an announcement that they were going to use the photo. The music from the LP is not of this show and happens to be a very weak album. Even if I knew had to isolate me w/ some kind of highlight my computer is so old I don't think it has that capacity. I'm the dude w/ the yellow arrow at the fine young age of 17.....Lewojem6ekbt7za.jpg
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