Polk Audio LSi-C Center Channel Speaker

When I switched back to Polk (LSi) speakers in our HT, I ended up with several center channel speakers (2 LSi-C's and an LSiM-704C). I really don't need them all, and could use the cash instead. So, in resisting the urge to hoard them all, I've decided to sell one of the LSi-C's.

I have an original box for it (for shipping) and will try to get pictures later. IIRC, the grills on both are flawless, but as to be expected, the finish is not perfect and there are several scratches (the worst are on the bottom though). Neither have the factory jumper plates but I'll include some nicer jumper wires if you want/need them.

Asking $225 shipped/insured to CONUS.

I will try to get pictures later.



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    Al, where are you located?
    No excuses!
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    I'm in central PA near State College.
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    Message sent.
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    Here are some pictures. There are several pretty good scratches on the bottom (left) and a chip about 1/2" on the bottom front right corner (not visible from the front without really looking). There is a smaller chip about 1/8" on the bottom back right corner too. The finish on the top, front, back, and sides has some minor scratches and swirls, but not too bad. I tried to get pictures of all the imperfections, but not sure how they will come out. If these are unacceptable, I'll keep this one and sell the other (MUCH better cosmetic condition) for $240 shipped. Both grills are perfect as well as all the drivers.








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    OK... Price adjustments...

    I just swapped both LSi-C's in to my HT and the both sound perfect.

    Physically, one has some cabinet wear, but a perfect grill and perfect drivers (see pictures above). I will admit, there is some heavy sratches and two small chips on the bottom. The top, back, front and sides are pretty good with some minor scratches and swirls in the paino black finish. Honestly, it looks pretty darn good when set up with the grill. So, if you wand a great center and save a few bucks, I'll sell that one for $210 shipped!

    The other center I have is near perfect! Absolutely beautiful piano black finish on ALL sides and the bottom! The ONLY cabinet imperfection I can find is the front right corner on the bottom - very minor ding (it was even difficult getting a picture. The mid drivers are perfect, as is the grill. The tweeter has a little ripple in the silk 'ring' but I believe it was manufactured that way. I notice it so I wanted to disclose. I tried to get a picture of it as well. Aside from those two very minor imperfections, it really is like new. I'll post pictures in the next thread below...

    So, I AM keeping one of these, and obviously I'd prefer to keep the nicer one. So, I'm pricing it at $250 shipped.

    So, I will either sell ONLY ONE of the following:

    - IMPERFECT LSi-C = $210 shipped (pics above)
    - NEAR PERFECT LSi-C = $250 shipped (pics below)

    I have one box and will pack whichever sells in the box very well.
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    Near perfect LSi-C pics:










  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    BUMP - prices as noted above but will entertain reasonable offers via PM - established members (100+ posts) at this point, but may open to others in some time.
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    Bump... I'd like to get one of these sold here, but will be listing on eBay shortly if no interest.

    Prices reduced as follows:

    $230.00 shipped for the mint one
    $195.00 shipped for the one with the small chip and scratches on the bottom

  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    OK, I think I'm keeping the mint one. Also, I may have been a little high in my asking prices initially... LSi prices have come down a bit with all the Refurb and Friends & Family sales on the LSiM speakers.

    SO, in the hopes to move the other speaker quickly, I'm dropping the price quite a bit.

    This is the speaker with the scratches and chip on the bottom. It is NOT mint, however, I would go so far to say the drivers and grill ARE in mint condition. The visible sides (top, front, sides, and even back) are in good shape with some minor scratches and swirling.

    $140 plus actual shipping (probably around $25-$30). PayPal Friends & Family please.

    Surely someone can put this to use for this price!!!
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    No interest in an LSiC for $140? I'd rather not have to resort to the bay... :(
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    Al, I am experiencing the same issues. With the Adorama sales on the LSiMs, our LSis have suddenly become hard to move. I have 2 5 channel setups worth that I have only had nibbles on (my 15s may be sold but we shall see...hehe)
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    Hey Scuba, could you check how much shipping is to 29609?
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    Airplay - sending you a PM!

    I have this packed up (very well) in its original box with the original manual, wall mount template, and warranty card (not sure what use that would be, LOL).



    Thanks for the interest,
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    Sale pending... B)
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,150
    Received today in good condition. Hooked it up and it sounds great. Al's a great guy, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more gear from him :)
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,216
    Thanks for the kind words Ryan! I'd gladly sell you more gear too if I had any to offer.

    Hmmm... I do have speaker cables for sale...

    Ryan was a great buyer as well. Let's help him find some more LSi's so he can finish his HT!
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