Looking for MC Cart

I would love to find somebody that is selling off a Denon 110 or 103 cheap! But, mainly, I'm just looking to upgrade from the AT5500 that is currently on my turntable.


  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 779
    edited June 7
    I had the DL-110, was a great cart for the $$$, about $100 3 years ago, then it doubled in price almost overnight.

    My dumb thumb bent the cantilever while securing the plastic safety guard so lesson learned.

    Because of the hiked price tag, I opted for the DL 301 Mk2...and would highly recommend this cart over another 110. Granted it's slightly more...but well worth it. Likely not what you wanted to hear but if you can, I would try for one.
  • trav0810trav0810 Posts: 802
    That is exactly my issue. I bought my 110 for $119 a few year ago. Now it is double that.

    I have looked at both the 301 and 103.
  • trav0810trav0810 Posts: 802
    It looks like I have an Adcom XC/LT cart on the way to try out
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