It's time to play:...

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*in the best announcer voice I can muster*
"Whaaaat the heck ARE these?!!!" :D



  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 85
    Btw, these ARE Polk, and they're initialed (apparently) by the doctor himself. I just can't decipher the numbers next to the initials...
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    Woh, cool.
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    Late 70s Era, Polk Mini Monitors If I'm not mistaken.
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    You could use these as inspiration for your Monitor remake project and make a giant pair to match.

    "Maxi Monitors," if you will.
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    kevinko wrote: »
    You could use these as inspiration for your Monitor remake project and make a giant pair to match.

    "Maxi Monitors," if you will.

    Now there's an idea!!! I like that. The big question would be what tweeter to use to keep the scale somewhat correct?
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    Malbec wrote: »

    Thank you for the link, but your posted attachments aren't available any longer. Would you be so kind and post them again for a noob?
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    WOW a very rare set. That is the first I have seen that have the tweeter in the middle. I never new those existed. I have only seen the tweeter on the top.

    There are a few threads on here about redoing the surrounds

    The "Maxi Monitors" in standard form with the tweeter on top could be the considered the M5Jr+ with the 6.5" MW and 6.5" PR, unless "Maxi" would use 8" cones.

    Some old KEF's might work for that. I think they had a 8" PR with a 8" MW that did not use a Uni-Q driver. Although, as I recall people were less impressed with that version, I think because they felt the drivers were not a good quality. I think they were re-purposed from their lower end Uni-Q model, which people were also less impressed with. K160 maybe? There are also the C40D, and C42.
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    Right, I'd have to use 8" drivers, otherwise it would be just a reconfigured 5jr (and that's just too easy :p ).

    Speaking of which, I believe I've found a handful of MWs that will fit the bill along with 2 possible tweets for the M7/10/12+ idea. The issue I kept running into was the match of aesthetics and response to keep the look right. No matter what I do though, I'll need to face plate the tweets. No one makes anything that looks like the peerless in the next size up.
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