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    Most people also don't realize you can combine all five of those family users for 1600Kbps quality. Same as stepping out of a falling elevator at the last second. Personally use both of these to great success.
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    Spotify is available or preinstalled on many more streaming devices.

    Yup, it is on my Cambridge 851N and I gave it a listen for a minute, sounds pretty good. Not as good as the ripped cd's from the NAS, but for something different, not bad.
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    I'm finding the same thing happening on Pandora. Used to be one 30 second commercial every 6-7 songs that was a self promotion. Now 2 minutes of commercials after maybe 2-3 songs...
    Going to have to look into something else also.. just hate the $10 a month charge.
    Only cause I'm too cheap.

    hmm.. i use pandora on my sonos player, i get a quick commercial every 30-40 minutes i would say.

    now if i skip a song or change the station i may get a commercial but if i just leave the same station play commercials short and not all that often..

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    I'm a recent convert to streaming (Spotify) but I didn't want to lay out a lot green to try it out. I use this little device and my phone as a remote. I'm told that Sonos would be a nice step up.


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    chromecast audio is a good way to implement Spotify to your system too.
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    I'm finding that Pandora commercials, both frequency and that annoying question of, 'Are you still listening?, are highly dependent on the music/station you are listening too. More popular stations - more commercials, more easy listening piano, i.e. Jim Brinkman, very few and will play all night.
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